The wildly popular single ‘Nobody’ by Casting Crowns has been at the top of the Christian Music Billboard Charts for weeks on end. The song, featuring Matthew West, serves as a reminder that the point of life is not to glorify or elevate ourselves. Rather, we are to serve God and to be an example of Him to a world which desparately needs HIs mercy and grace.

There was a day that came when John the Baptist could’ve had his moment to make a name for himself. Everyone came to him and said ‘Who are you? Tell us who you are so we can go tell everyone else.’ He says ‘I am just a voice out here in the wilderness.’ It sounds like a poetic statement but what he’s saying is just straight. I’m nobody. You don’t need to know me. I’ve got nothing for you. If you’re going to meet me and you’re going to leave, the thing that’s gonna last is going to be Jesus. Because he [John] knew I’m not the point. I’m here to point to the point [Jesus].” – Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)

Hear the Psalm Muzik remix to Casting Crowns – ‘Nobody’

I am a long-time fan of Casting Crowns. I first heard their music when I was beginning my walk with God in 2014. Though praise and worship music, much of what they write is transparent and vulnerable enough to speak to real-world conditions of a struggling sinner like me.

I remember putting their song ‘East to West’ on repeat one day after a particularly disheartening stumble in my flesh. The song definitely helped to encourage and inspire me. Since then, I have always had an affinity for their music.

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Of course, then, I was very excited for the opportunity to remix this song. I teamed up with the extremely talented Lac Grizzly to make it happen. I have been adding live instrumentation to quite a bit of my songs lately, and I enjoyed adding some guitar and keyboard to this one.

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Thank you again for all your continued support of my ministry. It has been an awesome adventure. The song ‘Casting Crowns – Nobody’ serves as a reminder to myself that my goal in music is not to elevate my platform. It is not to increase my fan base or worldly recognition. Rather, it is to share the love of God with those who need it most. Your support has allowed me to do that in awesome ways, and I am eternally grateful.

Check out the song, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on my YouTube channel! Thank you again and God bless!

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    2020 starts with an excellent song.

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