Psalm's new Christian Hip Hop Album 'Covenant'



Psalm's debut CHH album garnered quite a bit of attention for the once secular musician; this 22 track LP chronicles the tumultuous collapse of what was a self-serving and hedonistic lifestyle, and the eventual journey into faith and repentance that helped start Psalm onto his path of redemption and sanctification. The songs are transparent and are markedly unique when compared to other projects in the CHH space. With a wide array of features and a dynamic presentation, this project offers something new with every song.


"If you like good, solid, hard-hitting hip hop, you will love Covenant." - JesusFreakHideout



  1. If Life is a Contest
  2. Here's to Forgiveness (feat. Vill & Sticky Knewso)
  3. Before I Move
  4. Everything You Wanted
  5. Good Man
  6. Poisoned
  7. My Neighbor's Friend
  8. Heal Him
  9. Run Away (feat. Fly Boy Swift & Jesse James)
  10. Out of the River
  11. What Have I Done
  12. Forgive Me
  13. Come Home
  14. Man at the Altar
  15. Never Forever (feat. Kenzie, Kiki Romero & Tony Spitz)
  16. I Knew A Girl
  17. Made for This
  18. My Shelter
  19. Walk Away
  20. Life of a 20
  21. When It All Comes Down (feat. Jesse James & Lady Tripp)
  22. Like a River (feat. Nexus & Exigh)