The popular contemporary christian song by For King and Country, ‘God Only Knows’, resonated with many people. The track was so popular that it charted on the Top 10 CCM charts. The group soon teamed up with legendary Dolly Parton to release another version of the song, which was performed at the 2019 CMA Awards and was nominated for a grammy.

I first heard of For King and Country with their radio hit, ‘Shoulders’, and instantly fell in love with the uplifting message and contagious melodies of the record. I became a fast and loyal fan of the group, so I was so excited when the incredibly talented hip-hop producer Lac Grizzly approached me about remixing their grammy-nominated 2019 single, ‘God Only Knows’.

I added some acoustic guitar to the track (because why not?) and snuck into an old abandoned house to film the music video. You may recognize the voice of the late Billy Graham at the end of the song. Mr. Graham had such a beautiful and compelling way of sharing God’s love with those who needed to hear it most, so it seemed like a good fit for this song.

All in all, it only took two weeks from the date of conception for us to have a finished product, ready to release. Most times I hold onto material for months, even years, before releasing it. But I was so excited about this record I couldn’t wait to get it out!


I hope you enjoy my hip-hop reimagining of the popular For King and Country song, ‘God Only Knows’. If you do, I want to give it to you for free! Just hit the link at the bottom of this page and get your free download of the new single. Thanks for tuning in with me, and God bless!

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  1. Amanda Killgore on December 13, 2019 at 2:42 am

    I’m usually into…(used to be mostly into) death metal Christian music, but when I started listening to Hog Mob and Sevin I had my very first real awakening to God’s people (in my generation) being so REAL about who Jesus is to them and it changed me, my whole mindset, my entire “walk” became a “run” and I’ve never looked back. That was 3 years ago. Now I have to say that Psalm is my fave Hog Mob musician, or at least tied with Sevin and Justus. You 3 have absolutely set my love for Jesus on Fire! Thankyou for showing me how you survived it and how you maintain it, I pray for God to strengthen and further edify your ministries. They are absolutely changing millions of hearts even if those millions of hearts aren’t talking about it with you guys. This is my first time so we are going to be coming out of the dark corners of this world to lift up the Name of Jesus with you!

  2. Jason Colley on December 31, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    I cant download the song god only know could u send the download link to my email address

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