It took me a long time to release this song. For several reasons. But mainly, I was afraid of judgement. As a christian, I feel I am expected to always be joyful in the public eye. To never let people see my struggles. But to only project positivity would, in a way, be lying to you. I do struggle. In fact, I struggle often. I wrestle with temptation and doubt almost on a daily basis.

This song came out of a very spiritually dry season in my life. Everything was going right, but I was still so unhappy. I had forgotten how to pray, and was basically just going through the motions. My music was branded, and fans expected consistency. So I continued to create and release feel-good music that wasn’t really speaking to my soul. 

In the midst of all of that, this song was created. And it was a breath of fresh air. I had something that spoke to my pain. I had something that was real. But I couldn’t show anybody, because this wasn’t who I was.

After much hesitation and prayer, I have decided to come clean. I expect judgement, but that’s ok. Because at the end of the day, God knows who I am. And that’s whether or not I put it on display in a song. I don’t glorify or glamorize my struggles; I simply express them.

Watch my latest video ‘Into the Flame’

If you are one of the few who get it – thank you. I appreciate your love and support. Maybe you relate to these struggles. If that’s you – God loves you. Our temporary trials do not change the eternal verdict of God’s unfailing mercy and love. I pray you receive that, on the good and bad days.

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  1. Amanda Killgore on June 25, 2020 at 2:04 am

    I really really live this song. I posted a video on my YouTube that was a total “coming clean” type situation as well, it says in scripture to pick up your cross daily and follow in Jesus’s teachings. I think this song speaks to that. This is my new favorite song and I’m so thankful for you releasing it. We all need to have the stre gth to share our struggle. We shall struggle for a short while just like our brothers and sisters around the world and then after a short while God will strengthen us. I believe this comes when we openly admitt we struggle and are not perfect. Which I’m so happy you see. Those who judge you do not realize that you are a piece to a puzzle that the Holy spirit has put together. We are only “members” of the body of Christ, not the entire depiction, so each of our ministries can only speak to a tiny portion of the whole body of Christ. This is why I do not judge other ministers or ministries, because they are only a piece to the whole picture as you and I and everyone else is just a piece.cwhen we all begin to look at the big picture we will see how her all for into this gigantic beautiful portrait of Christ. <3

    • Amanda Killgore on June 25, 2020 at 2:07 am

      ⬆️ I ment *Love* not ‘live’ I LOVE thos song⬆️
      Lol sorry for not checking my punctuation and spelling. My auto correct has it out for me anyways lol!!!

  2. Casey Walters on June 27, 2020 at 5:50 am

    It makes a lot more sense now to me why this song seems to fit me so well, now that I read here your info about not wanting to put it out cuz you don’t wanna be judged by so many as that’s what peeps seem to be so good at always… But honestly I am so glad that you released it, not only because of how much I relate with what you are or have been struggling thru, but also helping me be able to see u more fully , and who you are and have become thru our Lord Jesus Christ , thru the good and the bad shit so many of us struggle thru daily. And with that I send my sincere thanx for you honestly expressing yourself, and just being real with us .. word brother..

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