This album is intended only for the most die-hard Psalm Muzik fans. It was never released commercially, and can only be gotten through subscribing to Psalm's mailing list. Aptly-named VALLEYSONGS, it is a collection of privately recorded tracks from periods in Psalm's life where he felt he was walking through the valley, desperately seeking God's will at a time when it felt like God was no longer present. Any honest christian can relate to this feeling, as we have all experienced spiritual droughts in our lives. Thankfully, the Lord is always by our side, even when we don't necessarily feel it in the moment. Sign up for Psalm's mailing list and get the inside scoop with VALLEYSONGS!


"... This album changed my life..." - Jenni D.



  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Stuck In My Ways
  3. I Wish That I Could Fly
  4. I've Had Enough
  5. I Believe
  6. Devil Won't Let Me Go
  7. Back to the Start (feat. Kiki Romero)
  8. Dear Heaven Sent
  9. Oh Come Emmanuel (feat. Lady Tripp)
  10. The More I Know
  11. What a Wonderful Name (feat. Lady Tripp)
  12. So I Pray
  13. Chosen
  14. You Died Just Now
  15. Not the Same